Lua Windows Service

This project provides a framework for building Windows Service applications in Lua. A Windows Service is a special application that runs at system boot (or on demand) without an interactive user. One use case is to run Xavante automatically.

This project is also intended to provide a complete, non-trivial example of a Windows Service application. To that end, it has been extensively documented internally, and also includes several high-level discussions of how services operate and interact with Windows.


LuaService Alpha 2

The second alpha release of LuaService, a framework for building Windows Service applications in Lua, is now available at Luaforge. This release fixes the known bugs, adds more documentation, and includes a new sample service that applies (or removes) ROT13 encryption to files dropped in a watched folder.

I welcome any and all comments, criticisms, and suggestions through the project's trackers, fora, or by email. Also, I would like to encourage anyone using it for a practical purpose to start a thread in the forum to describe their application and how LuaService could improve to better suit their needs.

Any users of the first alpha are especially encouraged to upgrade.

Full documentation is available in PDF: here, or as compiled HTML Help in the packages available at LuaForge.

LuaService Alpha 1

The first alpha release of LuaService is available for the brave under the MIT license at its Luaforge page.

LuaService is a framework for writing a Windows Service application in Lua. My intent is to support running applications such as the Xavante web server from the Kepler project as a service. The advantage of running as a service include starting the application automatically as Windows boots, and running without any user logged in at the console.

Note that this is an alpha release of system-level software. It runs with elevated privileges in your system. Although I believe it to be ready for inspection and testing by others, it is not ready for production use on mission critical systems, and probably should be assumed that it could take your system with it in a crash.

Full documentation is available, derived from the source code by Doxygen. One of my goals for this project is to produce a useful, complete working sample of a Windows service with adequate documentation of its subtleties.

I hope this is useful to someone ;-)

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